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Whole School Culture and Awareness

Arguably the area of our outreach programme that is likely to have the most sustainable and wide-reaching impact, is the area on 'Whole School Culture and Awareness'. 


Whole Staff Career Professional Development

Half-day INSETs/Staff Meetings/Twilights

As part of our outreach offer, we include 1 x half day INSET or 2 x staff meetings for all staff, based around an aspect of ‘Attachment-Awareness Practice’. We understand that the best way to ensure the pupils referred to us, and those who may access the school setting in the future, stay protected from permanent exclusion and are supported to engage positively with their education long-term, is by upskilling the wider staff team to understand how to cater for pupils with SEMH.

When asked how the training would impact their overall practice, some responses included…

“Brilliant training! You are so passionate and knowledgeable about this, and it has made me so much more aware of lots of my reception children now and so many I’ve worked with over the years. I found this so interesting. I’ve been doing this work in reception for about 25 years and feel I do my job well in seeing the children in with a smile and greeting, being a carer as well as supporting their learning, educationally, socially and emotionally but this has really been an eye-opener. I will take so much back to my work place.”

“As Learning Mentor and Thrive Practitioner, it was wonderful to see all staff access external training that supports the processes currently in place. We will be able to use this as the basis to continue to support and develop how our teachers and support staff deal with these complex needs and the science behind the interventions.”

“Will make me evaluate the choices I give children and give more thought to what I say before saying it.”

“(The trainer) is such an amazing wealth of knowledge and delivers the session with such passion and clarity. We already have a lot in place, but this session has enlightened us to so much more we could be doing.”

“The training gave me lots of practical ideas that I can incorporate into my practice as well as a deeper understanding of best practice.”

When asked how the training could be improved and what further training might be useful, the responses could be classified as such…

And here's how we have improved our training in response to this feedback...

  • Removed break out rooms from any Zoom training (more training will be completed in person when lockdown restrictions allow) 
  • Ensured that there is a trigger warning with suggestions for caring for one's own mental health at the start of each training session 
  • Accommodated requests for further training and sent links to existing online videos and training that is readily available
  • Recommended that schools book a half day INSET or two staff meetings rather than attempt to fit content into 1 twilight or shorter staff meeting
  • Ensured that approximately 75% of the content is focused on practical strategies with 25% providing the essential theories that explain why these strategies are needed and/or why they are effective e.g. neuroscience theories on attachment