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The Key - B&NES

Our primary provision for pupils from B&NES is currently located in 7 classroom building at Broadlands Secondary Academy. 

Although there are plans to move into a purpose-built setting in the near future, the environment of 'The Key' has been designed to meet the sensory regulation and mental health needs of the pupils as well as their academic needs. 

Both classrooms are set up to provide pupils with a variety of options for learning spaces, dependent on their needs, mood or the context of the learning task. These include independent TEACCH workstations, group tables, floor spaces, den spaces, sofas and alternative seating arrangements e.g. wobble cushions and therapy balls.

Although all rooms are equipped with small, simple regulation spaces that can be used at any point throughout any lesson, there are also two rooms dedicated to regulation. One is set up with a sensory circuit and is open all day. Pupils are encouraged to complete the alerting, organising and focusing activities in order at the start of each morning and afternoon, but they are also welcome to visit the room whenever they feel wriggly! The other room is a sensory room equipped with lights, sounds and textures. Again, this may be used proactively and responsively to meet each pupil's needs. 

Additionally, the site has a library, a Thrive room and a dining room. All staff and pupils eat breakfast, snack and lunch together, taking every opportunity to build positive relationships and develop social interaction skills. In the Thrive room, there is a home corner, a role play area and multiple kinaesthetic, engaging activities set out. In this room, pupils can move around at their own pace, following their own interests and building upon one another's play. This is also the room in which the children's formal Thrive and ELSA interventions take place.