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Parents and Carers

Support for Parents - see below attachment

E-SAFETY *Important Information*

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find attached guidance from National Online Safety regarding the MoMo Challenge & Fortnite.  The guidance below provides information about what Fortnite is and what the MoMo Challenge is and top tips for parents in dealing with it. 

Platform Guides | National Online Safety

You may already be aware of this but please take time to read the guidance.  If you have any further concerns please speak with your child's class teacher or a Staff Member.

Mr Lee (Head Teacher)



Thinking about next steps for your child's education can sometimes be confusing, especially if your child is being assessed for a SEND.    To find out more about Bristol's offer and the Education, Health and Care Plan assessment please click on the link below.

primary schooladuldhoodsecondary school

E-Safety and using social media safely.  

Online Sexual abuse or worried about the way someone is communicating with you online?  Speak to the safeguarding Lead or report it using the link below.

E-Safety Information can be found at: