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What is Outreach?

The Lansdown Park Academy Primary Outreach Team is an element of the Early Intervention Base at LPA Stockwood with the principal purpose of supporting mainstream primary schools across South Bristol to cater for the needs of pupils vulnerable to permanent exclusion. In response to the unique context of the school and pupil/s being referred, a bespoke 12-week package is created, drawing from a wide-range of different interventions and professional development opportunities.

Who is Outreach For?

When considering whether to refer a pupil to the LPA Outreach Programme, first use the flowchart below to guide you and then contact a member of the outreach team directly to discuss the suitability of the situation and capacity for outreach to effectively meet the needs of the pupil. 

Headline Results Outreach 2019 - 2021

Although the Lansdown Park Primary Outreach Programme only began in September 2019 and has been forced to make significant and repeated adaptations as a result of the many lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic, it has already proved to be an impactful support service, effectively preventing permanent exclusions and helping vulnerable pupils thrive in education.


“Jade and Alix were both so knowledgeable, approachable and helpful. The staff learned a great deal about the child’s needs, particular interventions and wider understanding of how to support children that have experienced ACES. The child involved enjoyed working with them and had the opportunity to begin working on developing skills to support him. Off the back of the ACES training, we are updating the behaviour policy, which is going to have a positive impact for the whole school community.”  SENCO, Bridge Farm Primary School

“We have been impressed by the knowledge and skills of the staff supporting the outreach programme. We have seen the impact of strategies and support on pupils, reducing their risk of exclusion and supporting them to stay in school successfully. We have found it beneficial to develop our whole school approach to behaviour in line with the changes so that we can ensure a consistent approach rather than pockets of attachment-aware practice. I also value the inclusion of parents in the programme as harnessing their support is key.” Assistant Headteacher, Parson Street Primary School

“I would recommend the programme because… (Outreach staff are) hugely knowledgeable, passionate and supportive (and provided) flexible opportunities for learning depending on the needs of the child, staff and school.”  SENCO, Bridge Farm Primary School

“The most impactful element of the programme was… that the child is now able to self-regulate (with support), including correctly recognising and naming emotions.”  Head of School, Woodlands Primary Academy.

“The staff from Lansdown are so helpful. They are not at all patronising and they recognise the difficulties that the staff have and make the programmes manageable for busy teachers.”  Class Teacher, St Peters Primary School

“The support given for staff working with (Pupil) has been of great benefit, not only with that child but with the rest of the class. The strategies have been manageable and we have been able to import them into our daily practice, which has improved my teaching skills. It has made me so much more aware of the underlying needs of pupils with ADHD and how I can help.”  Class Teacher, St Peters Primary School

“The most impactful element of the programme was… Support with a cohort with so many and such complicated needs. Improvement in staff subject knowledge. Children have really engaged with the one-to-one work and benefited from expert support. Excellent advice at every turn.”  Deputy Headteacher, St Peters Primary School

“(The outreach staff member) has really opened our eyes in terms of what an attachment-aware school is all about. We are hoping to utilise her expertise so we have a consistent, holistic approach that can then be shared with parents.”  Headteacher, Hillcrest Primary School