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Lansdown Park Academy Primary

At Lansdown Park Academy, we have two sites catering for pupils in the primary age range. 

At our Stockwood site, in South Bristol, we have 'Phoenix Class' which provides short term, on-site provision for up to 7 pupils in KS2. Additionally, we provide 12-week outreach support packages for pupils in mainstream primary schools who are at risk of permanent exclusion. 

At the Key, in Keynsham, B&NES, we provide 14 on-site places for pupils in KS1 and KS2. Following the success of the outreach provision in South Bristol, we are beginning to offer outreach programmes for pupils in B&NES, following a similar model. 

The purpose of our primary provisions or 'Early Intervention Bases' is to identify signs of SEMH difficulties using early indicators and begin working with pupils who show high levels of distressed behaviour before they have experienced many of the challenges they might otherwise inevitably face e.g. fixed term exclusions, permanent exclusions, social isolation, chronic underachievement, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse etc.

We aim to provide pupils with the skills and resilience they need to be able to cope with school life and achieve in line with their peers.